Windows Tablet PC or Android Tablet PC, Which Do You Prefer?
15.09.2014 16:08

In the market, it is a world of tablet PCs, but three most used and most popular tablets are nothing than Apple tablets, Android tablets and Windows tablets. Tablet PC are now not only mainly used for entertainment but also gradually for business. Thus it is of great importance to make a perfect purchase of tablets with the right system most suitable or familar to you.

The android system tablets come in flocks. In general, the android tablets show a nice performance on the recreation with the android open source advantage. But it's a pity that the android system shows poor performance on the commercial application. The world visual computing technology industry leader said the present android tablet is very disappointing when talking about the tablet market. The Samsung even defines the Android as the large screen smartphone. The first Samsung tablet turns to be the win7 Gloria.

Android hasn't the professional development for the tablets. The Microsoft office file can't be used directly. It should be realized through the plug-in. Furthermore, it's not convenient to deal with the commercial file with the android tablet. The professional individual said the android tablet is more like the combination of the smartphone and computer.

The Windows system occupies the commercial tablet field. In the investigation of the consumers, the commercial tablet consumers prefer the windows tablets. The investigated consumers think the tablets should be with the features like the 10 inch screen, convenient input and direct using of the office software.

The windows pad can send or receive the e-mails through Outlook or IE. The user can use the ERP, OA and other daily platform. No matter in the office or on a trip, the keyboard and handwriting input make the consumers more comfortable.

The product support for the commercial software and application is the concern of the consumers when they choose a tablet. The purchaser told the reporter, "The ERP and OA will be used in the daily office work. So the general windows system is the necessary element of the commercial tablet.

In general, the windows system may be more suitable to be the commercial tablets at present, while Android one may be more attractive for recreation purpose for its powerful applications. No matter to get a Windows tablet for business or get an Android tablet for recreation, Kingsbuying provides best tablets at best prices.


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