Windows Tablet - A necessity to a Person on the Go
17.07.2014 14:25

Computer becomes an indispensable part of people’s life and the main channel to keep informed of what is going on outside. With the rapid development of technology, the trend of computer is becoming smaller and smaller from the very first cumbersome desktop monitor to later LCD monitor greatly compressing the computer’s volume and weight. The appearance of laptop is another milestone and great leap of the development of computer to make it portable and now the tablet PC make it easier to carry around. A tablet PC like Windows tablet can suit your need of computer better.

Compared with traditionally desktop or laptop, Windows PC is the miniature of them. It is basically a portable laptop which are not equipped with a keyboard but with a virtual onscreen substitute and with touch screen functionalities. Also, it allows users to access the internet wirelessly to set up a local network for more convenient internet experience.

There are mainly three types of tablet PC flooding the market, namely Windows PC, Android PC and iPad. The Windows system occupies the commercial tablet field. In the investigation of the consumers, the commercial tablet consumers prefer the windows tablets. The investigated consumers think the tablets should be with the features like the 10 inch screen, convenient input and direct using of the office software.

The Windows pad can send or receive the e-mails through Outlook or IE. The user can use the ERP, OA and other daily platform. No matter in the office or on a trip, the keyboard and handwriting input make the consumers more comfortable.

The product support for the commercial software and application is the concern of the consumers when they choose a tablet. The purchaser told the reporter, "The ERP and OA will be used in the daily office work. So the general windows system is the necessary element of the commercial tablet.

If you are a businessman who needs to be on the go, a wise choice to take a Windows 7 tablet or the latest Windows 8.1 tablet with you to get the most of the world. Now you can also enjoy a free shipping world-widely. Don’t miss it.


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