Why Does It Seem To Be So Hard To Find The Best Car GPS Tracker Options Out There?
12.12.2014 15:23

I’ve tried to find the best car GPS tracker options I could find to sell at my business. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s really tough to find good quality items for the types of prices I was told I could purchase them for. In many cases when I look at international trade websites I see what look to be some pretty amazing deals. If I could get these types of prices I’d be able to make a killing and my business would grow pretty fast. It doesn’t work like this though. In a lot of cases you’re being quoted a price based on purchasing a huge minimum order.

It doesn’t stop here either. A lot of the times the prices I saw being marketed to me with overseas supplier were just out of whack. They seemed way higher than what I was led to believe. Here’s what I discovered was going on:

  • In many cases I wasn’t dealing with a real wholesale provider overseas. I was dealing with a middleman. So when I would try to purchase tracking devices for vehicles I would get someone that had some contacts. They would put the items on their websites and mark the prices up really high. So I wasn’t truly getting wholesale product prices. I was getting items from a middleman who marked up the priced to the point where I’d be better off using a local supplier. The profit margin was completely eliminated.
  • Some companies would tell me that if I wanted to purchase tracking devices for vehicles at a low price I would have to commit to a large purchase order. At first I didn’t mind this, but I wanted to mix up my order. I couldn’t do this. I would have to purchase thousands of units for a particular unit I really didn’t need that much of. This was insane. I was being told I had to purchase unit amounts you’d expect a large discount store like Target to purchase. This just wouldn’t do for me. When I only wanted a small amount the price wasn’t that low at all.
  • There were some suppliers who simply would not deal with me unless I made a commitment to them. These are companies that wanted me to send a large amount of money upfront before they were willing to do anything for me. If I wanted to purchase the best car GPS tracker options, then I had to put a certain amount of money on the line first. This was all before I even got to see a sample in order to make sure I’d be happy with what I was going to get.

Kingsbuying.com didn’t make me go through any of this when it came to dealing with them. I was able to purchase car GPS navigation systems at the prices I knew I should be able to get them at when dealing overseas. This is truly a reputable company that I know isn’t going to mislead me or make me promises they can’t keep.



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