To Get A Camcorder or Camera? How Do You Think?
26.08.2014 10:51

Camera or camcorder has similar functions to some degree to record something. Camcorder is designed to take both videos and photos but may better at taking videos, while camera may take better photos for it experts at taking photographs. So to some degree it may be difficult to choose between a camera or camcorder. Now from this article you can know some differences between the two and then make your decision easie or just to get both of them in hand.

The main function of a camcorder is to record videos. So, they may not be great in taking still photos. Some high end video cameras are able to take good still pictures but they are not as great as photos taken by a digital camera. The camcorders that are capable of taking excellent still photos are a bit more expensive than the regular camcorders. You may get the best digital camera for the same price.

If you are looking to buy a camcorder for taking still photos, make sure it has at least 2 megapixels sensor. However, the resolution of the image sensor is not the only important thing. You also need to take a look at the color depth and the quality of the image. The color depth is more important than the resolution as otherwise the image will look flat and dull. Camcorders come with internal microphones that give you better audio quality every time you record videos with it. A digital camera lacks this facility. Some camcorders also produce surround audio sound which is not possible with the best digital cameras. Camcorders are generally held in the hand for shooting videos that define their size and shape.

A digital camera has a variety of modes that can be used for taking different types of photos. Most of the digital cameras can also be set to video mode for recording videos. But, the video may not be of superior quality as compared to the video recorded in a camcorder. Such videos may not be great to watch but just ok for saving as a memory. Some high range digital cameras may provide better video recording capabilities. The video gets saved in the memory card of your camera. You may require a high capacity memory card to make video recording easier.

Either a camcorder or a camera to get, first of all you should have clear and definite idea whether you prefer high quality photos over videos or vice versa. If you want both, undoubtedly, my advice is to get both to let them do their job to their most. No matter a camcorder or a camera, Kingsbuying provides both wholesale high resolution digital camcorders and cameras and necessary camera accessories at the same time.


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