Neuer EintragHow to Train Your Dog Stop Barking
29.07.2014 17:10

The only way for a dog to express itself is through barking. They bark for reasons. Either to show their aggressiveness or self-protection awareness or only to arouse the attention of its master. When a dog met a stranger, it may bark quite loudly and excited to make a warn, under this occasion, that stranger may generate a sense of crisis and there may exist possibility of biting accidents and bring you some more or less troubles. Also, dogs may bark whenever they want regardless of what it is the time. It may turn to really annoying when they bark deep into the night? Then how can you stop your dog barking effectively whenever and wherever needed? A remote control no-barking pet training collar may do you a favor considerably.

Training a dog to stop barking can be probably the most difficult and frustrating what you should teach. Dogs often don't understand you want them to stop barking, and yelling or getting upset at them can simply make the problem worse. Special anti-bark collars might make training your canine a lot easier. These collars activate when the dog barks, giving it a direct reprimand, either with a sharp sound, a new static pulse or your squirt of pungent citronella. These collars can easily and effectively teach your pet to stop barking, but must be implemented correctly.

Deactivate the bark collar, either by turning it off or taking out the batteries, before putting it on your dog for the first couples of days. This may make introducing the collar for your dog much easier, all of which make him convenient with the collar. For the first day, put the collar on the dog for two hours only. Give him a treat while it can be wearing the collar. For the second day of training, have the dog wear the collar to get a longer period, up to six hours. For a second time, praise and reward him for wearing the collar.

Switch the collar on with the third day of training. Should the dog barks, it is going to receive corrections from this collar. It's often best to place the dog in a space with few distractions, to ensure that the dog will realize it is being corrected for barking but not for some other tendencies. Observe the dog in this situation, and make certain the dog understands the case and collar corrections completely before moving forward to another, much more challenging situation.

Continue using the dog bark collars for several weeks. After several weeks, dog should be trained not to ever bark in general situations, and the dog won't need to wear the collar continuously anymore. You still can put the collar on the dog in new cases where the dog is likely bark.


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