How to Choose an Android TV Dongle For Your Needs
12.08.2014 18:34

An Android TV dongle can effectively turn your TV into a smart multimedia. Then your TV is no more than TV merely. It can be a good helper for your work and relax. As any other products in great demand, Android TV dongles are flooding the market and customers may feel difficult to make right choices to choose the right one suiting their need best. Now this article gives some modest advice.

Figure Out What You Want to Do Most with Your New Smart TV
Think long and hard about what you expect from your Android TV dongle. Do you want to watch ultra-high definition movies and play graphically intensive video games? Do you want to transform your TV into a low-cost workstation for editing documents and filling out spreadsheets? Simply list down the things you want to do with your new smart TV and rank them according to the priority you give them. This list will prove to be immensely useful later down the road.
Figure Out What Certain Android TV Dongle Can Do for You
Once you know what you want to do with your Android TV dongle, you will then need to understand exactly how a particular model will do that for you. GHz and number of cores dictate the speed of the processor, with higher amounts of RAM helping out with computing speed. Higher storage space will allow you to install more games, programs, movies, music and other digital files on the device. These are the more important specifications that will decide the basic performance of a particular Android TV computer device.

Figure Out Whethere It Should Be Multi-Ports to Connect More Devices
If you plan to play a lot of video games, store a lot ofmusic files and/or watch a lot of high-definition movies, then you definitely need to look for Android TV dongles that can connect with other storage devices. Lighter programs and videos can work with swapping out micro SD cards that can hold typically between 2-64 gigabytes. If you plan to build up your own media library, then you will want to look USB TV dongle slots so you can hook up higher-capacity external storage drives which can hold up to 1 terabyte of data or more.
Figure Out Other More Advanced Features
Some Android TV dongle packages come with more features that could potentially improve usability at added costs. For example, some packages come with specially made Android TV remotes with built-in keyboards and wireless pointers. Others have Bluetooth capabilities that let you connect the dongle with other devices. One example is the TV streaming dongle that streams content from the dongle to and fro a nearby Android device, like a phone or tablet. Take careful note of these advanced features and make sure you understand exactly what they do before making your final decision.

When you figure out all the above points, it’s time for you to make a decision now. You should of course make a most cost-effective decision comparatively. By doing these, it ought to be enough for you to pick out an Android TV dongle that fits both your needs and your budget!


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