How Can You Be Sure Youll Get The Portable Power Supply Products You Pay For Overseas?
27.11.2014 09:21

If you know anything about purchasing consumer electronics or having them made overseas, then you know you have to be very careful with who you're dealing with. You would hope that whoever you chose to purchase different consumer electronics from such as portable power supply products or portable battery charger products would supply you with what you ordered. This isn't always the case though. There have been horror stories of people purchasing different items from overseas and then getting something completely different, something they couldn't sell and couldn't get their money back from.


You don't want this to happen to you do you? Well if you don't then you need to make sure you're going to get exactly what you paid for. Here's how you can be sure that whatever consumer electronics items you order from overseas, that you'll get what you're supposed to.

Ask the company to send you a sample of what they'd be sending you in greater quantity

If you're planning on ordering mobile power bank products or portable power pack products, then you need to make sure you're going to get what you specified or what the product description/picture specifies. The best way for you to do this would be to ask for a sample. Sure, the sample might cost you some money and it might take you some time but it's worth it. If you plan on ordering for example 100 portable power supply items, then paying for just 1 first is a great way to control the risk.

Make sure you speak with someone to ask them about what you're reading or seeing

Some overseas companies will use pictures of different consumer electronic items, but they aren't exactly what you'd be getting. Some companies will tell you this and in that case  no harm no foul. You could choose to take the risk or not. But then you have some companies that will make it seem like what you read and see is exactly what you're going to get, and this isn't the case. So before you order any type of consumer electronic from an overseas company make sure you speak to someone first. Ask them about any product descriptions or pictures you saw. Make sure that if that's what you order that's what you'll get.

What if no one will speak with you over the phone or contact you?

If no one will speak to you or contact you about the portable power supply or portable battery charger products you want to order, then you want to stay away from such a place. Serious manufacturers and suppliers of consumer electronics overseas want serious customers. Their willing to do whatever it takes to make them feel secure dealing with them. Communication should be a top priority.

What if you order something, do your homework, and the product still isn't what you were told it would be?

If after asking questions, speaking with someone, and doing whatever other research you could do what you get delivered is still not what you thought it would be then you'd want a way to get your money back. This would require you to ask the company you dealt with first about their policies on refunds.

At Kingsbuying.com we believe in being honest with clients. What you see or what you read in our product description for different consumer electronics is what you'd get unless we tell you differently.



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