Car Auto Remote Control Smart Start Keyless Entry Security Alarm SystemNeuer Eintrag
19.07.2014 10:26

In the modern society, it is very important to install security alarm systems for your car. These security systems are great way to protect your car and the things inside it. To get the best protection for your car, the Car Auto Remote Control Smart Start Keyless Entry Security Alarm System can be able to do the job. It has five main excellent features to give your car the utmost protection- intelligent identification, key less go function, keyless entry functions, system anti-theft feature and Auto L-window function. If you purchase these alarm system for your car, you will get 1 microcomputer host, 1 siren, 3 installation cables set, 1 chipset avoidance device, 1 smart control box, 2 smart key, 1 start button, 1 chipset avoidance device, 1 LED indicator, 1 rubber mat, 1 vibration sensor and 1 English manual. This product comes in black color which is a perfect combination for any car interior and exterior color.

Universal Car Keyless Entry System with Trunk Release & 2 Remote Controllers – Black.  There are plenty of car accessories nowadays but perhaps the most important and popular is the security car alarms. Every year millions of vehicles are either stolen or broken into. Getting a security car alarm will help you get the needed protection for your automobile. One of excellent car alarm that you can get these days is the Universal Car Keyless Entry System with Trunk Release& 2 Remote Controllers – Black. It is made from PVC plastic and offers basic yet reliable features. This inexpensive product comes with the necessary features to help protect your car from thieves. It features a 15A central lock and direction output, 8mA static current, 500mA trunk output, 12V voltage, 433 MHz frequency and 20cm cable length.  This simple yet reliable car alarm system comes with 1 connection cable that is 40cm in length, 2 remote controllers each utilizes 1 27A/12V battery which is included in the package. If you want the basic yet reliable protection for your automobile, check your favorite electronic store now for this wonderful product.

Full Band 1000M Detection Rang Radar Detector For All Car 750 (Korea Technology). As a car owner, it is normal to get the right security car alarm that will suit both your needs and your budget. However, if you have the notion that car alarms are expensive, then maybe it is time to ask yourself if you would rather have your car stolen. If you put that question in mind, you would find that the cost of a security car alarm is only a minimal cost compared to the expense and hassle caused by a stolen car. There are plenty of car alarm options nowadays but if you want a quality security alarm for your car, you can get the Full Band 1000M Detection Rang Radar Detector For All Car 750 (Korea Technology). It is a quality product that features Russian POP radar detection as well as USA special detection. It has a LED composition display which shows the functions and signal band. This amazing product also features a 90degree laser detector.



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